Sometimes just being who you are…is enough :)



I recently turned 26 (it still doesn’t make sense to me, to say that), I still feel like I’m 20…ohkay maybe 21. But according to my birth certificate, as of the 7th January, I am officially 26 years old :/ A month before my birthday, one of my aunts told me this about being 26,

“26 was my best year ever, I was single and loving it. It was the first time that I knew who I was, I knew where I was wanting to go with my life, I was more secure in myself than I’d ever been before. And men my age? They were still acting 20. Trying to find themselves whilst I knew exactly who I was and I loved every bit of that year”.

Two weeks into 26 and I would have to say that I completely agree with her! My birthDAY was filled with heartfelt messages from friends and work collegues, patients, clients, messages which contained words and wishes I  could hardly believe. Filled with so much love, so much appreciation, not for anything other than just for who I am and who I’ve been to them. Honestly, it caught me completely off guard. I hadn’t realised just how many people were actually paying attention. Paying attention to my hard work, my sacrifices, my battles, my victories and just to who I really am and the person I’m trying to be. It floored me.Gratitude consumed me that day and that whole week as more and more love was poured my way.

Fast forward 2 weeks, I ran into one of my ex patients mothers (From the Biokinetics practice I worked for last year), this specific patient is a 13 year old boy who due to his medical condition was constantly teased at school by the other boys (At an all boys school) for the way that he walked. Kids are unforgiving, we worked hard trying to strengthen his lower body in order to improve his walking, despite the teasing that took place every single day. His mom invited me over for tea, said to visit whenever I was in the area as they missed seeing me and her son specifically missed my motivation weekly. Apparently I had made quite the impression on the them, I’d made a positive influence in his life. Once again I was floored.

Yes, That was my intention. I had always tried to be as positive as I could be whenever I saw him, because he was always in such a bad mood after a day of bullying. I always tried to motivate him in any way possible. I didn’t always know if it worked but I kept trying regardless. He went from being this moody boy who I dreaded seeing every week, to being one of the sweetest, funniest and smartest 13 year olds I’ve met thus far. He grew on me. And I hated saying goodbye to him at the end of my internship. Still, his mom’s reaction to running into me and the words she said, caught me by surprise.

My “hard work” had paid off. My constant attempts to cheer him up and motivate him had worked. It had a lasting effect. And I can’t get over it. These last 2 weeks of 26 has shown me that…who I am, who I am trying to be…is enough. It’s always been enough. And that even when I thought no one was watching, someone was. In a good way. I made a difference in someones life. Small for them maybe….huge for me.

I step forward embracing 26 even more now, as the year I make more positive impacts on as many lives as I possibly can, by….just being who I am and trying to be the best version of me that I can be:)


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