Blessed beyond measure♡

The last month or so has been amazing to say the least. New job which I love….I felt really blessed. I thought that would be my highlight for a long while,man was I wrong. Two weeks ago I won a considerable amount of money in a very random instore competition that I entered by chance back in January and forgot about completely. The day before I got that call,Id given the LAST of money for the offering at church and just asked that God somehow carry me through till payday later that week.

God came in and just blew my mind. He didn’t just carry me through,he catapulted me forward! I couldn’t speak,I couldn’t think, all I could was laugh and thank God over and over again. Once again I thought THIS is definitely the biggest blessing for a long while. Wrong. Again.

Everyday I get to work with the most amazing people. Why do I say they’re amazing? Well…let me count the ways… haha
Yes Im seriously going to make a list,
1. Genuine. They are some of the most genuine people I have ever met,something which is very rare.
2. Joy filled. Yes not everyday is sunshine and roses but they have so much pure joy that they can’t help but share it just in their personalities alone.
3. Wise. They are each wise in their own ways. They show wisdom in the biggest and smallest of ways,they teach me more than I think they even realise.
4. Friendly…so friendly! I felt at home from the very first day. You can’t help but just feel at home around them.
5. Caring &Considerate. They honestly care!
6. Thoughtful and kind. Pretty sure their names would be under the examples for these words in the dictionary. Seriously.
7. Hilarious. They’re each equally funny in their own unique way,it means laughter everyday almost all day.
8. Hardworking. Really though…. they work hard! Harder than they should sometimes.
9. Team players. All for one and one for all kinda thing. They never leave a man behind and are ALWAYS willing to help one another out.
10. Supportive. They support each other in all things. Its pretty awesome.

These are but a few of the reasons they’re amazing… yet it sounds to good to be true already doesn’t it? Well it’s not. Its my reality. And right now…..its my biggest blessing. Getting to work with these lovely people is definitely my everyday blessing. Proverbs 27:17♡

Looking forward to whats next in line 🙂


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