This is getting overwhelming


Yesterday my students wrote their last exam, just before the exam a student walked in the exam room and took a bunch of roses out his bag and handed them to while saying “Thank you for everything this year and good luck for all your future plans, I know it will be a success”. I stood there completely speechless. All I could get out was a very shy “Thank you”, I was not at all prepared for that thank you gift. It left me with a very big smile & a very happy heart, being appreciated is an amazing feeling.

After the exam was done & the students had left, I sent out a goodbye email to all of them since I had tried to say goodbye in our last lecture last week but suddenly felt far to emotional to even attempt to say anything at the time. I sent out the mail and didn’t really expect any response…but man have I been getting responses from some of the most unlikely ones!


This one was one of the first, it made me laugh so nicely, this specific student and his friend had been jokingly asking for my number all year. His goodbye email was funny and so like him, it left me smiling that he even took a moment to mail me. The email that followed this one however, brought tears.

2014-11-19 22.58.19

All year, I’ve been wondering if I talk to the walls most days, if what I say is ever taken seriously by any one in the class or if they’re just waiting for me to stop talking. I often doubted that anyone heard me and that I was wasting my breath trying to teach them more than the work, trying to teach them about life and about being better people in general. My thoughts on that have now been changed as I’ve been getting confirmation after confirmation of the influence I actually had.

2014-11-20 08.48.43

Someone had been listening! Even the one that had given me lots of trouble this year…..

2014-11-20 10.45.15

About 4 plus emails later and I’ve cried and laughed. I’ve sat in complete shock and total humility at how awesome God has been this year. When I began lecturing, my biggest prayer was that I could positively influence at least one student, just one was what I asked God, it became a daily prayer. On the days when they really got under my skin, I prayed even harder that even though so many seemed uninterested, that I just wanted to know I could at least help one. Today, I am in awe of how faithful God has been whilst I thought nothing was happening. I’m proud of myself for somehow making it through this year but most of all I am eternally grateful for being given the opportunity to sow positively into these students lives, there is no greater sense of satisfaction than knowing that you have contributed positively into someones life.

My heart is so full. So happy. Thank you so much Jesus! ❤


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