I can see God working….

Three weeks into the new year, 2 weeks into being 27 years old *slight gasp* and God is already showing up everywhere! In my last post I introduced my newest family members, a large group of children who I have come to know and love with every part of me. Well, I’m certain my love for them grows each day, even when they misbehave or disappoint me, I still find myself loving them more than before, maybe its because they welcome my reprimand and immediately show progress from it or maybe its because they show me God everyday I spend with them.

These children are so amazing, they each are fighting giants in their lives, giants I can’t even comprehend but while they fight, they are teaching me so much about life, about sacrifice and above all, about God and his infinite love for us. I have watched children completely transform, I’ve watched them learn to accept love and give it in return, I have watched them become more confident in themselves and most amazingly, I have watched God become real to them. I’ve also realised that the realer he becomes to them, the more real he becomes to me as I get to see him in so many ways.

I still haven’t gotten over the effect their smiles, their laughs, their hugs and their love has on me. I know what they are facing so when I hear that laugh or see that smile or get that tight hug that’s squeezing the air out of me or hear the ‘I love you’, I swear my heart feels like it’s going to burst….every time. I didn’t realise how much joy could fill my heart in an instant.

Some of these children have been forgotten by adults, by families or by friends and all they need is attention and love. I have loved every single moment where I have been able to give them all my attention and all my love. Yes, some of the kids come from good homes and don’t have as serious issues but they still need extra love and extra attention from people who will listen to them and not judge them regardless of what they need to say. So I’ve found myself spending more time with the kids than my own friends my age, and you know what? I’ve enjoyed every minute, they teach me every moment we’re together and knowing they are having fun and happy and not worrying makes me so happy. I can’t accurately describe what it feels like to be able to be apart of their lives, to be able to cheer them on, to listen, to be able to be someone they can rely on and confide in….it’s a feeling I’ve never felt before but it fills my life to overflowing.

I currently am busy with my Master’s research proposal and am technically unemployed so I have more time to spend with them, I don’t necessarily have all the means to give them everything I want to but God has been faithful in that regard as well where I have been able to bless many of them in various ways. The kids know I’m not currently working and they’re praying for the job I told them I want while I study so it completely blows their minds how God is able to provide for me enough that I can buy them clothing they need or a bible or some groceries, it’s not much but the little I am able to give once again made God a bit more real to them.

Today I met with a social worker for two of the kids, we are praying and trusting and have full confidence that God is opening doors for them. I expectantly wait for the call to say they have been given place at the children’s home we want them to move to and that they are back in school after a year of being kept away from it. I am excited to see God come through for them after every adult so far has told them it’s an impossible situation and that no one wants them. Today we had such a successful meeting and God is placing so many people in their lives now who believe in them, who want to protect them and help them and I’m loving how we are all working together. WHEN, (for I know it will be soon) they move to the home and get back into school, they will need uniforms, shoes, school supplies.everything. Right now they have nothing besides the things myself and all the other amazing people God has brought along have given them. They have no idea how or where they will get their books and everything else needed….but I know where. I know God is going to send forth people to help supply what they need. Already their foster mom who is an elderly lady and is not getting any funding for looking after them is somehow able to feed everyone in her home that she is looking after, which includes six children. I cannot understand how she manages to feed everyone on the little she has but somehow God has been making it possible. She is such an amazing women and I can’t wait for her to be blessed and spoilt for all her hard work, love and care.

God is working. I can see him. I see him in their faces, in the change in their attitudes, the change in their situations. God is moving and he’s only getting started. I am so excited for whats to come, for what they will be blessed with, all the children. They are about to experience God’s love in a new way and I am just so honored to be apart of it and witness it.

Expect my praise report blog post soon because I know God is about to show up in a big way! 😀


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