I never expected it to flow this fast

So I’d….well we’d been waiting on God to do a miracle,  we knew it was going to come soon. We thought the best thing to happen to my two new brothers would be to get into the Children’s Home we applied to and then back into school. But God’s plans are far bigger than we could ever anticipate.

On Sunday, I got told that the boys need to find a new place to live. I had no idea where I would take them, I prayed telling God that we could not wait any longer and he had to move immediately. An hour later I got a message from friends of mine, a married couple, they asked to meet with me right away. A half an hour later I sat down for coffee with them, and the proceeded to tell me that God had spoken and they are obeying in faith, they told me they would take the boys immediately and they promised to love them, care for them, get them into school and do anything they needed to do to help the boys.

I cried.

Sunday was a whirlwind of emotions. I told the boys what had happened,  they IMMEDIATELY said “When can we move?!”. By Monday afternoon,  I was moving the boys to their new home and into their new family. It was amazing, the boys highlights for the day were
1. “Alison, they took us to KFC and asked us what we wanted to eat! And then they bought it for us!! No one has ever done that for us before!!”.
2. They got to go to a shopping mall for the first time.
3. “Alison, we going to get pocket money for doing chores! Thats so cool!”.

By Tuesday a lady who the family knows came over and told us that she got the boys accepted into a school, a private school. They wouldn’t need to pay school fees and were getting their uniforms given to them.

I cried.

In one week God has completely transformed their lives in the most amazing way. They are in the most amazing family and they are happier than they’ve ever been before.

My heart is full. God is amazing. And He is only just beginning with these boys♡


One thought on “I never expected it to flow this fast

  1. Alison, this brought tears to my eyes!
    I’m so happy the boys will now have a “family” and i’m so glad glad they will be able to start their schooling career they deserve!
    Well done Al!
    Gods Riches blessings to you always.

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