Dear Younger Me…..

Oh sweet girl, there’s so much you don’t know yet, there’s so much more for you to learn, you think you’ve got it all set out but you really have no idea yet.

The most important thing you need to truely and fully understand, for it is the basis for everything you will go through, is this…..

God loves you beyond your wildest imagination, beyond your faults and shortcomings. He loves you.

So,  that song you always used to sing at Sunday school, the one you sing with your little cousins still “Jesus loves me this I know…”. Yeah, that one, you should listen to what you’re saying and really let it sink in. He loves you and you should really know that, always. You’ll need to know it when your heart gets broken for the first time and you start questioning everything about yourself. That will be the time you need to know that God loves you, that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and that he has so many greater things instore for you still.

Then when you suffer your first academic failure and all the emotions that come along with that, you’ll need to know that God loves you and he knows the plans he has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you (Jer 29:11). That He will help pick you back up, dust you off and set you back on the path you need to walk, all the while constantly adapting things to accommodate your shortcomings. You’ll need to know that despite your mistakes and failures He never stops loving you, He doesn’t change his thoughts about you and He still wants the best for you.

Even when people try to tell you that you’re not smart enough, good enough or that you won’t reach the goals you set and heads up when you reach those goals, people will try tell you that you don’t deserve it. Ignore them. And know that with God all things are possible and He is the reason you will achieve far more than anyone thought possible for you.

Sweet girl, just be who you are. Don’t settle to make those around you comfortable, it’s okay to want to work hard and not go out and party as much as your friends do, it’s ok to be smart and want to learn more.

Honey, you’re an amazing swimmer, you’ve got talent, don’t stop working at it just because no one else is training as hard you are and just so you can fit in with all those out having social lives.

Be you. God loves you the way you are, you need to know that. God knew what he was doing when he gave you certain talents and characteristics and they will serve you well in the years to come, your experiences will allow you enter places and opportunities you never thought possible.

Ignore those people who criticise you for talking too much or for being ‘too friendly”…. all those people you meet along the way with your friendliness will remember your kindness and they will help you in many ways in the years that follow. I’ll let you in on a secret, your friendliness and talkative nature will serve a great role in finding a new loving family and opening various doors in education for 2 foster kids you’ll fall inlove with. You’ll be left speechless every time you look at them and remember how God did it. So chin up, there’s a bigger picture here.

Sweetheart,  those boys notice you. It’s you who hasn’t yet noticed yourself. You haven’t yet realised your power, your beauty, your strength,  your worth. But you will soon my dear, and when you do, everything will start making so much more sense. I promise.

You don’t need to compromise who you are to make others more comfortable with who they’re trying to be. But even when you do compromise,  know that God still loves you the same, He still protects you the same and he will wait for you to realise it and he’ll never stop showing you.

Sweet girl, you’re destined to change people’s lives. Who you are will allow people to see God….to experience Him and that will change their lives. I know you’ll struggle to accept that fact because its not even easy for you to accept compliments let alone such a strong vision for your life. But its yours whether you understand it or not. You are loved. You are called. You are highly favoured. Because you are a child of God.

With love,
Older, wiser but still learning,Me



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